Tondavali- a Beach, a Village and countless Memories. 

Tondavali is a village situated right between Kalawal backwaters & Arabian Sea. Tondavali is in Malvan Taluka of Sindhudurg District in Maharashtra. Its 160.1 km drive from Goa.

Tondavali's beauty is inspiring !

Well, if you are a writer or story collector of every piece of your life, this place just have everything for you at one place. 

Tondavali is full of highly uncommon wildlife around. Starting birds to Black Panther in SIndhudurg.  Now all you need is 

Tondavali is Inspiring beauty

Beach lovers Paradise !

Tondavali is the 2nd largest beach in India that offers a 9 km long beach  walk. Beaches are clean and maintained by villagers itself. 

Tondavli, an undiscovered area lying between Kalaval Creek to the east and the Arabian Sea to the west, is around 25 kilometers (approximately) from Malvan in the Sindhudurg region. Water sports enthrall tourists at Tondavali beach and Tondavali scuba diving near Kawada rock island. Many visitors come to Tondavali Beach to rest and refresh. This destination is unreachable by foot; thus, a boat ride or a private vehicle is recommended to get there. Tondavali Beach is one of India's most beautiful beaches. 

Live with Locals

It's an old saying that people of Kokan can be referenced as Coconut- tough from Outside and soft from inside .Locals are lovely people to interact with. They will serve you great traditional food and will also enlighten you about the biodiversity around. 

Find Accomodation

Close to Wildlife

Wildlife of Tondavali is exponentially one of the most not to miss thing ones you are in Tondavali. Right on the entry of this village, the one might observe reserve forest trail in middle of the journey.

Turtles Paradise

Tondavali ​in Maharashtra, which has the second-largest coastline in the western part of the country, is scattered with sea turtle nesting habitats. Of the seven sea turtle species found in the world, four are known to nest  on the Indian mainland

Explore the Backwaters !

From Kalaval stream, visit twin islands Khot-Juva (area 4 acres) and Paan-Khot Juva (area 10 acres). A Sangam (confluence point) is worth observing where Kalaval Creek meets the Arabian Sea. Lush green Cyprus orchards surround Tondavali's seashore, and spending a siesta here is a relaxing experience. While journey you don’t miss the 'Kavada rock' in the deep sea.

A break that you deserve. 

Undoubtedly Tondavali in Sindhudurg is the ideal place for people looking for peaceful time with family / Newly Wedded Couples / Bikers / Backpackers / Road Trip lovers or just a weekend trip with your friends or colleagues. 
Tondavali is Waiting for you !