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Tondavali is not just a Tropical Paradise of India 

Tondavali is also amongst  longest Coastal range in India. 

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Tondavali is a village of Sindhudurg District 

Tondavali is a tropical paradise in Malvan and it is one of the gems that MTDC recommends for travelers visiting Maharashtra ! 

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Welcome to the tropical paradise of Tondavali. Behind lush green reserve forest around this coastal village of Maharashtra lies a blue sea. An incredible location offering peaceful beaches, mouth watering food, a reason to look beyond just GOA and a promise that this experience will last forever ! Tondavali is a place for families, solo travelers and the people just like you who are looking everyday to explore simply more. 

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Tondavali is a remote village in Sindhudurg, Maharashtra. It's best could be discribed as gods personal beach.