The beauty of Sindhudurg is a gift by nature, but it's up to us to maintain the MAGIC. We thank the farmers of Sindhudurg who are the major stakeholders due to which  natural practices of Agriculture is still alive and the district is well equipped of all natural resources. Farmers of Sindhudurg  are one of the live examples to share as Case Study for Sustainable Farming in the Nation. 

Explore the Richest !


Dashavatari is an artform or we could say a medium to depict ancient stories of Sindhudurg.

Ganesh Utsav

Every year on Ganesh Chaturthi,entire city celebrates this moment with music, food, traditional decorations and lighting.


A Mouth watering & unforgetable local delicacy !

It's SOUL-ka​dhi

Its ravishing, its satisfy the soul and its also the perfect Soulmate for the summers.